Philippine DreamesOne of the first and considered the finest volumes aimed right at the retiree and expat wanna-be who is considering the Philippines as their relocation destination. Much more than a Philippines travel guide with amusing stories and real life experiences.
Filina Dreams For those men looking for the inside skinny on marrying a Filipina and making the right choices, this is the resource you need. Filipina Dreams has everything you need from meet to marry to migrate to making it go the distance.
Filipina 101 ‘The’ guide to online dating! Learn exactly what to say with dozens of Email Templates you can customize for your own use. Present yourself in the best light to a Filipina (or any woman for that matter) and get ahead of your competition. Online Dating with Filipinas
Filipina 202 Should you marry there or wait until she gets to your hometown? How can you get married in just the time allowed by a two week annual vacation? Which visa is faster, fiancé or spousal? Find the answers before you go to marry and migrate the Filipina of your dreams.
Filipina 303 You’ve met her. Married her. Migrated her. Made her a Mommy. Now what? How do you keep the romance going and the magic in your marriage to that dream Filipina you met so many years ago? Filipina 303 offers some valuable suggestions on relationships.
Making A Living In The Philippines What can a foreigner do to make a living in the Philippines? Not much and at the same time a great deal! This book has the secrets to surviving in a third world economy where there are restrictions on employment of foreign nationals and business ownership in the Philippines.
Philippines Property Primer When it comes to real estate, you can experience real problems in the Philippines. Learn what you need to know before you buy, lease or rent and save yourself lots of money and headaches buy investing in this guide to Philippines Property
Philippines Survival Handbook Is the Philippines a dangerous place to travel to? Get the real facts about risks so you can have a safe visit or stay. Philippines travel dangers

Nothing But The Philippines

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A Man’s Guide to Life and Love in the Philippines

A Man’s Guide to Life and Love in the Philippines

Elterman, Larry. 2009, BookSurge Publishing, ISBN: 978 1439 2306 71, 348 pages

This book is all about the author’s experiences in the Philippines and is a little confusing in some ways. On the one hand there is a wealth of information for anyone contemplating following in his footsteps, on the other hand it tries to be more of a personal record.

It is an interesting read for the most part but it does try to offer too much info in a more technical vein. The title suggested to me a more personal record than what is here. It does deliver a lot of information most travel guides don’t but it seems to be unable to make up its mind whether it is a personal journal with handy information or a more ‘How-To’ offering.

Overall worth the money and I would recommend it to a friend.

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A Man’s Guide to Life and Love in the Philippines

Making A Living In The Philippines

Making A Living In the Philippines

Making A Living In the Philippines

Perry Gamsby, 2009, Streetwise Publications, available in eBook .pdf and as a paperback through ISBN: 978-0-9806346-4-8, 275 pages.

For anyone dreaming of an early retirement or just looking to enjoy the adventure of starting over  in a new culture, the problem of how to keep a roof over your head and food on the table looms large. Not everyone has a water tight retirement package and recent events have shown even that is usually no guarantee of a steady income.

For those who are thinking of getting a job in the Philippines, there is a wealth of first hand information here gathered by the author from his own experiences. Perry Gamsby held several jobs while he lived in the Philippines and he explains what was good and what was bad about them, what you can expect and what to forget about. The job market in the Philippines is very different to what it is back home and the author not only tells you why but how you can turn things to your advantage.

If you are thinking of starting a small business, this book lists the traps and pitfalls as well as suggesting some proven and very viable business models. Again Gamsby draws on his own experience as well as pooled knowledge from expats both successful and misfortunate to give you the best chance at success.

There is a section on investing for those who aren’t exactly a Wall Street high flyer. Gamsby is honest with the reader in that this is not his forte but ‘here is what he does know to be fact’. Added to this there are over 100 helpful url links to provide you with the latest information on a range of income earning related topics. All in all this book is a very worthwhile investment.

Visit Making A Living In the Philippines for more Info about getting a job in the Philippines

Philippines Survival Handbook

Philippines Survival Handbook

Philippines Survival Handbook

Perry Gamsby, 2009, Streetwise Publications, available in eBook .pdf and as a paperback through ISBN: 978-0-9806346-1-7, 240 pages.

I have to say I am very impressed with this offering from Perry Gamsby and his StreetWise Publications. The ‘Philippines Survival Handbook’ is far more than just a guide to safe travel or  a self defense manual for visitors to the Philippines. It takes a very holistic and comprehensive view of personal risk management for visitors to (or residents of) the Philippines.

What I liked most about this book was the fact that all of the advice given comes from expats who have lived there for many years and know first hand the pros and cons. Some of the information in the book is definitely the type I would list under ‘Street Wise’. Things like keeping a low profile and how to hide out over night or leave the country quietly if need be. What would the need be? Well how about dodging a shotgun wedding? I told you this book isn’t like anything else on the shelves and a lot of the advice can be used for anywhere in the world, not just the Philippines specifically.

Gamsby breaks risk down into four areas, Nature, Natural, Man Made Indirect and Man Made Direct and these are well thought out and communicated. He also advises on the anatomy of a crime such as robbery or assault and how to detect it before it even kicks off. But he goes further and addresses often forgotten potential threats such as floods and storms, snake bite or dengue mosquitoes and dangerous bus drivers or unseaworthy ferries.

The former Military Policeman, Bodyguard, PI and self defense instructor has been there and done that for the last 20 years in the Philippines and his real life experience comes through on every page. If I had a (very minor) complaint it would be the ‘Aussie’ style sometimes used which, along with the non-US English spelling does cause the odd pause as your North American reader takes in some of the more colloquial phrases. Other than that, it is a superb addition to the all too slim body of knowledge available that might just save your life one day.

Visit Philippine Survival Handbook for more Info about  Personal Safety

Filipina Dream

Filipina Dreams

Filipina Dreams

Perry Gamsby, 2009, Streetwise Publications, available in eBook .pdf and as a paperback through ISBN: 978-0-9806346-3-1 , 295 pages.

This well researched and tastefully written work is a compilation of three separate volumes by Philippines expert, Perry Gamsby. It comprises ‘Filipina 101 – How To Meet The Filipina Of Your Dreams’, Filipina 202 – How To Marry And Migrate Your Dream Filipina’ and the penultimate “Filipina 303 – Making The Magic Last’.

The paperback version is a US Letter size publication that is well laid out and easy to read. All of the url links included in the electronic book of the same title and the three Filipina books it is made up of are included for the reader’s benefit. Although visiting these useful sites (Philippines government, US Immigration and so forth) isn’t as convenient as simply clicking on the hyperlink as you can with the eBook, it does add value to the text and allow the hard copy book to be used in conjunction with the infinite resources offered by the internet.

Although each of the three books that make up ‘Filipina Dreams’ are reviewed separately, having the information from meet to marry to migrate to making it all work in the one book is a very positive thing. It makes this book a reference resource that will be invaluable to anyone looking for a second chance with a Filipina.

At US$49.99 it is exceptional value given the amount of relevant information it contains and the savings in time, money and disappointment it can provide the reader. The original buyer enjoys free updates for the life of the book when purchased in eBook format which might swing a few die hard book lovers across to the newer media.

Visit Filipina Dreams for more Info about Filipina Dating, Filipina Heart, and Filipina Wife

Philippines Property

Philippines Property Primer

Philippines Property Primer

Perry Gamsby, 2009, Streetwise Publications, available in eBook .pdf and as a paperback through ISBN: 978-0-9806346-5-5, 113 pages.

This has to be one of the most useful books for expats and retirees on the market. It is an excellent first place to look when it comes to getting a good understanding of the Philippines real estate market. The author, Perry Gamsby, makes it clear it is not the be all and end all and that it is, as the name suggests, a primer.

However it is a very comprehensive primer, well written and easy to read as are all of his books and it pulls no punches. Whether you are renting, leasing, buying or selling, this book covers it all for you. There are several common traps explained as well as a good list of what to ask, what to look out for, who pays for what and so on.

There is nothing like your own piece of dirt but in the Philippines foreigners can’t own land. But there are ways around this that are perfectly legal and Gamsby lets you know what they are. This book is comprehensive, well written and up to date and it has the potential to save you a lot of money and misfortune.

Visit Philippine Property Primer for more Info about Investing property in the Philippines

Filipina Heart – How To Marry And Migrate Your Dream Filipina

Filipina Heart – How To Marry And Migrate Your Dream Filipina

Filipina Heart

Perry Gamsby, 2009, Streetwise Publications, available in eBook .pdf , 111 pages.

Filipina 202 takes up where the best selling Filipina 101 left off. This comprehensive guide takes you through the maze of getting married in the Philippines and the often frustrating process of getting her home, ‘migrating your dream Filipina’. The book keeps current by including basic information with the added value of a URL link to the relevant government web sites such as US Immigration.

The book covers the process for US citizens, Canadians, Britons, Australians, New Zealanders and looks briefly at EU regulations. Even for those from other countries but who can read English, there is a wealth of information in the 111 pages. Once again, this StreetWise Guide will save you time, money and headaches.

Visit Filipina Heart for more Info about Marrying A Filipina The Right Decision For You

Philippine Dreams

Philippine Dreams

Philippine Dreams

Perry Gamsby, 2009, Streetwise Publications, available in eBook .pdf and as a paperback through ISBN: 978-0-9806346-0-0 , 230 pages.

This is a very interesting book for anyone who is contemplating any involvement with the Philippines, either a vacation or even working or retiring there. It is a bit disjointed in that the first 160 or so pages are an entertaining and often hilarious expose of what life is truly like for foreigners in the Philippines. The second part is more informative with detailed advice on everything from visa’s to domestic helpers, getting work to getting ill and even dying.

The author has had a lot of first hand experience in living in the Philippines and this is obvious as you laugh your way through his attempts to shop, get a driving license or survive the absence of toilet paper in Filipino public restrooms. While there is a very funny chapter on the  local fiesta, there is a more serious side to the book as Perry tells some home truths about ‘mail order brides’, a term he detests by the way.

Overall ‘Philippine Dreams’ is a worthwhile volume to have, either on your hard drive as an ebook or on your shelf as a paperback book. It is informative, updated for 2009 and also a very enjoyable book to read. Formatting and layout is a little amateurish but this does not in any way detract from the invaluable content, which after all is what we buy the book for in the first place.

Visit Philippine Dreams for more Info about Beat Tropical Country

Filipina Dating – How To Meet The Filipina Of Your Dreams

Filipina Dating 101 – How To Meet The Filipina Of Your Dreams

Filipina Dating

Perry Gamsby, 2009, Streetwise Publications, available in eBook .pdf , 130 pages.

This is the Number 1 best selling book of its kind available for download on the internet today. Since 2004 this book (updated for 2009) has given thousands of men hope and handy hints in their search for a Filipina bride.

Written by Perry Gamsby and his Filipina wife, Amelita, this book makes it very clear that they do not appreciate the term ‘mail order bride’ or MOB. They also go to great lengths to ensure readers are fully aware of the kinds of consequences looking for a partner online can have.

New in the 2009 edition (and available to all previous purchasers of the eBook as a free upgrade) is a fascinating section on the chat cam phenomenon that has changed the online introduction scene in the last few years quite markedly. The book also looks at the repercussions of the IMBRA legislation on US citizens.

If you want word for word templates you can use to write more successful emails, or if you are curious about what to bring when you meet your penpal for the first time, this book covers it. It also has some wise suggestions on safety and success, well worth the US$29.99 asking price.

Visit Filipina Dating for more Info about Finding a Filipina Partner

Philippines Travel Guide

Philippines Travel Guide

Peters, Jens. 2009, Jens Peters Publications. ISBN 978 3923 8213 27 816 pages

Jens Peters was the original author of the Lonely Planet’s Philippines Guide. I first used his guide back in 1988. I believe there has since been a falling out with Lonely Planet and now Jens publishes his guide through his own publishing house.

He is still a leading authority on travelling around the Philippines and his travel guide has been updated for 2009. While some criticise what it misses, there is no argument what it includes is a considerable amount of practical information. It is over 800 pages and yet no guide can ever cover 100% of the country. Things change too often between editions to even try yet once again Jens has given us a very useable guide book.

Where I think some critics fall down is that they misinterpret the word ‘guide’ as ‘gospel’. All travel guides are just that, guides and not definitive works. On that basis, Jens Peter’s Philippines Travel Guide is one of the best available. When you also remember he lives in the Philippines full time and has to do all the updating and research pretty much by himself it is all the more of an achievement