Philippine DreamesOne of the first and considered the finest volumes aimed right at the retiree and expat wanna-be who is considering the Philippines as their relocation destination. Much more than a Philippines travel guide with amusing stories and real life experiences.
Filina Dreams For those men looking for the inside skinny on marrying a Filipina and making the right choices, this is the resource you need. Filipina Dreams has everything you need from meet to marry to migrate to making it go the distance.
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Making A Living In The Philippines What can a foreigner do to make a living in the Philippines? Not much and at the same time a great deal! This book has the secrets to surviving in a third world economy where there are restrictions on employment of foreign nationals and business ownership in the Philippines.
Philippines Property Primer When it comes to real estate, you can experience real problems in the Philippines. Learn what you need to know before you buy, lease or rent and save yourself lots of money and headaches buy investing in this guide to Philippines Property
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Making A Living In The Philippines

Making A Living In the Philippines

Making A Living In the Philippines

Perry Gamsby, 2009, Streetwise Publications, available in eBook .pdf and as a paperback through ISBN: 978-0-9806346-4-8, 275 pages.

For anyone dreaming of an early retirement or just looking to enjoy the adventure of starting over  in a new culture, the problem of how to keep a roof over your head and food on the table looms large. Not everyone has a water tight retirement package and recent events have shown even that is usually no guarantee of a steady income.

For those who are thinking of getting a job in the Philippines, there is a wealth of first hand information here gathered by the author from his own experiences. Perry Gamsby held several jobs while he lived in the Philippines and he explains what was good and what was bad about them, what you can expect and what to forget about. The job market in the Philippines is very different to what it is back home and the author not only tells you why but how you can turn things to your advantage.

If you are thinking of starting a small business, this book lists the traps and pitfalls as well as suggesting some proven and very viable business models. Again Gamsby draws on his own experience as well as pooled knowledge from expats both successful and misfortunate to give you the best chance at success.

There is a section on investing for those who aren’t exactly a Wall Street high flyer. Gamsby is honest with the reader in that this is not his forte but ‘here is what he does know to be fact’. Added to this there are over 100 helpful url links to provide you with the latest information on a range of income earning related topics. All in all this book is a very worthwhile investment.

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